1. Consulting services offered by the network’s consultancies woldwide
  2. Dr. Herman’s keynote lectures, training workshops and result-focused marathons


1. Consulting services offered by the THINK SHORT network’s consultancies worldwide


The THINK SHORT methodology provides marketers with solutions for:

  1. Developing new products which are designated for rapid and successful market penetration (as well as new services, recreation sites, real-estate projects, service concepts, retail concepts for shopping centers and stores, and many other types of marketables and business models)
  2. Perfectly timing new product launches into markets
  3. Branding and marketing new products in a manner that accelerates market entry and spreading.


Unique benefits of the THINK SHORT methodology:


How does it work?


According to our research, rapidly succeeding new products typically have certain common characteristics:




The THINK SHORT consulting network services


The THINK SHORT methodology is composed of theoretical models and analytical tools, unique research methods, work processes, structured workshops and more. Using the methodology, we offer the following range of services:

  1. Elements of the “proven formula” which are essential for rapid consumer adoption and satisfaction.
  2. List of products and brands, in any category, that currently satisfy the liveliness, regenerating and unsatisfiable needs of your target consumers and precise diagnosis of the satisfying factors in these products. The diagnosis “X-ray” the underlying cognitive-motivational constructs, enabling us to predict potential future desire
  3. Current product components, in any product category, which your target consumers perceive as cool, wow or twist.
  4. Attraction and rejection factors that your target consumers react to in competing products and brands.
  5. Assessment of consumers’ readiness at the given time to try a new product and brand and become enthusiastic about it.


2. Dr. Herman’s Keynote Lectures, Training Workshops and Result-Focused Marathons


In his lectures, Dr. Herman discusses the concepts and principles of his revolutionary THINK SHORT methodology, and the new circumstances that necessitate this new marketing and branding paradigm: the significant social, cultural and psychological changes that transform consumer behavior and market realities. Dr. Herman also trains professionals in the many practical innovative tools that the methodology includes, in the fields of NPD, marketing and branding.

 Dr. Dan Herman is an enthusiastic, provocative and humorous speaker. He is personable, conversational and inspiring as well as informative. Using his storytelling talent, he presents his intriguing ideas and messages in a compelling, memorable way.

Dr. Herman is committed to helping businesses and individuals find new ways to succeed, thrive and profit. He has vast and extensive experience as a businessman, senior executive and consultant. Numerous audiences and companies from many countries have already benefited immensely from his lectures, seminars and workshops. Now you can too.

Dr. Herman offers keynote lectures, professional lectures, short seminars / master classes, training workshops and result focused marathons, all based on his unique, original and innovative concepts, models and methodologies. 


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