THINK SHORT is a complete and comprehensive methodology that complements the innovation revolution, enabling successful marketing innovation, time and again. The methodology is a psychologically sound and sophisticated toolbox for arousing consumers’ enthusiasm – rapidly.


The NPD, Branding and Marketing Methodology for the Innovation Revolution


There is no doubt that the rules for success have dramatically changed and still continue to do so. Our highly competitive markets and fickle consumers drive us to launch a ceaseless succession of innovations: new products, services, marketing initiatives, business models, retail formats, projects, campaigns, events and many more. We need to do it expertly and to succeed at it repeatedly. However, until recently, we did not have a method to achieve such predictable results for our innovations (especially in cases where our innovation is far from being world-shattering).


Adding the Second Missing Half of Branding and Marketing Method


There are two important categories of human needs, two modes of motivation and behavior tendencies. The first one includes such needs as safety, stability, control, continuity and familiarity. One of the manifestations of this group of needs is consumers’ adhering to habits and traditions. The second group consists of such needs as liveliness, renewal, discovery, play, adventure and temptation. Seeking novelty and change, even keeping in-sync with fugacious fashions, fads and trends, are expressions of this group. Consumers of today require a constant supply of new products and brands to satisfy this second family of needs.

 Traditional marketing and branding, characterized by a long term perspective and considering customer loyalty as an ultimate goal, naturally cater to consumers’ first group of needs. The relevance of traditional marketing’s tenets and methods to the second group is clearly doubtful. Marketers have been plying to the second group of consumer needs while lacking proper theory and method. The THINK SHORT methodology’s major aim is to remedy this situation. The THINK SHORT methodology provides the second missing half of branding and marketing theory and method.


The NPD, Branding and Marketing Approach for the Post-Customer-Loyalty Era


Contemporary consumers are drunk with possibilities. Choices are everywhere, and everything seems very much within reach. They want it all, or conversely, don’t want to miss out on anything. Consumer behavior worldwide is often driven by a new and very powerful motivation: The Fear of Missing Out or in short, FoMO. There is an unprecedented consumer readiness and willingness to try new products and brands that erode brand loyalty. Realistically speaking, we already live in the Post-Customer-Loyalty Era. THINK SHORT is the first and only NPD, marketing and branding methodology equipping marketers with tools to deal effectively with this new market reality and flourish in it.


THINK SHORT – Strategically


In the past, strategic business thinking was considered to be long-term by nature, while short-term thinking had a dubious reputation. Not anymore.

 The THINK SHORT methodology postulates a new relationship between a ‘background’ long-term marketing & branding strategy, and a ‘foreground’ central short-term focus of marketing and branding strategy and action.


An Overview of THINK SHORT Specialized Models and Tools