What they say


“As a consultant, Dr. Herman combines deep analysis of markets and processes in them with a profound understanding of consumer psychology and with a strict businesses-minded approach. His insights are extremely interesting and his solutions both original and workable.”

Idan Ofer

Chairman of the Board 

Israel Corporation Ltd., Israel’s leading holding company

 Zim Integrated Shipping Services Ltd.

Project Better Place

Director in various companies dealing with Shipping, Aviation, High-Tech, Private Equity, Real Estate and Media.

Honorary Consul of Mexico in Israel

On Forbes magazine’s list of The World’s Billionaires

“Dan Herman is an extraordinary lecturer. Better said, he is a hypnotist, mesmerizing his public. He does it charmingly, subtly, wisely and with great distinction. His effect is long lasting in the hearts and minds of his listeners and miraculously, it has an amazing impact on their professional capabilities.”

Edvin Jurin
Special Projects – Executive Director
McCann Erickson Croatia
& FESTO (Croatian Advertising Festival) Director


“When a speaker is as eloquent, fluent, coherent, pleasant, bright, confident and masterful as Dr. Dan Herman is, the only question that remains to be asked is: ‘When can you come again?’”

  Sigalit Horn-Gelferin,

Business Development Manager

Marketers’ Association of Israel


“We organized several successful workshops with Dr. Dan Herman in Moscow and in Kiev over the past few years. Dr. Herman is a marvelous speaker on innovative solutions in competitive strategy, marketing and branding who offers groundbreaking and effective tools that help companies and brands grow. If you want to increase your appeal to consumers and your profitability you must participate in one of his workshops! You’ll acquire immediate solutions relevant to your current goals as well as the methods and know-how you will take with you for future use.”

Natalia Urda,

Executive Director,

Brand Training


“Out of the many great presentations at the Internet Hungary Conference, Dr. Herman’s was especially successful. Many people made a point of coming up to me about it afterwards and to say that it was a great idea to invite him.”

Csermely Ákos

General Manager

Media Hungaria, Budapest, Hungary


“Dan is an exceptionally talented trainer, clear, methodical, interesting, motivating with very good people skills. He trains with sensitivity (including inter-cultural sensitivity), respect and flexibility. He is creative and practical and very helpful with on-the-spot feedback and suggestions. Dan has vast knowledge that spans several social science disciplines in addition to his strategy and marketing genius. If you could ask for more than that, he also draws on his extensive hands-on experience as a manager and consultant. “

Zlatina Karova


POSISHINER, Sofia, Bulgaria


“During the master class lecture in Amsterdam, Dan Herman showed us his original expertise on branding strategies and the effect that this can have on today’s marketing operations. His lecture was very well appreciated for its originality, clearness and challenging aspects.”

Leo van Sister

Founder and CEO

BrandCustodians, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Praise for Outsmart the MBA Clones by Dan Herman

“This is a must read for anyone who thinks strategically about their business and it will “twist your head” to see strategy, marketing and branding in a new and refreshing light.”

Rick Sidorowicz.

CEO, Refresher Publications Inc. , Canada

Publisher and Editor of The CEO Refresher


“Outsmart the MBA Clones is filled with powerful insights, appearing one after the other, that will have you thinking, ‘Hey, I never thought of it that way.’ Herman challenges long-held beliefs about strategy, competitive advantage, marketing, customer segmentation, differentiation, and branding, to name only a few.”

Steve Yastrow

Founder & CEO , Yastrow & Company, Chicago, USA

Author of We: The Ideal Customer Relationship

and of Brand Harmony


“I was glued to Dan’s book. With best practice, common sense and extraordinary intelligence throughout, just when I was thinking it can’t get any better, I realized there was still more than half the book to go.”

Ren Spiteri,


Bulldog, Malta


“The only thing scarier than your competition already reading this book, is how they may be applying it in the market that could have been yours. If you’re serious about having an unfair advantage, you’d be foolish to pass up the wisdom and tools within these pages.”

Ray Podder

Brand and Competitive Strategy Development

Grow, Los Angeles, California


“In an era where consumers are fed up by similar products and brands, to create an ‘unfair competitive advantage’ may be the only way to succeed. The book is definitely a branding and marketing ‘Eureka!’  for the present market and consumer realities in emerging economies such as the BRIC countries as well as in developed ones. This book will bring the best out of managers and foster successful differentiation of companies in the market by furthering differentiation in the behavior of managers.”

Paula Limena

Marketing and Branding Consultant

Executive Director
Imageneer Consulting, São Paulo, Brazil


“I highly recommend Outsmart the MBA Clones: The Alternative Guide to Competitive Strategy, Marketing and Branding by Dan Herman, to any business people who are serious about understanding marketing in the post-brand loyalty world.
Read Outsmart the MBA Clones: The Alternative Guide to Competitive Strategy, Marketing and Branding by Dan Herman, and you will never look at MBA programs and traditional brand and marketing techniques in the same way again. Instead of going with the flow, your company can stand out and control the market with an unbeatable competitive brand advantage.”

Wayne Hurlbert



“Dan Herman’s new marketing paradigm is all about competing successfully for which it offers new laws of marketing and quite a different mindset. He challenges the MBA clones and their old Marketing Guru’s which fail to provide the answers to changing circumstances. His concepts are original yet very accessible to the reader. Reading the book is a true pleasure for practicing marketers and brand builders who love their profession.”

Leo van Sister

Founder and CEO

BrandCustodians, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


“This book is the new ultimate truth in competitive strategies, marketing and branding. The methodology is brilliantly explained, AND I can attest to its real life effectiveness. “

Andris Romanovskis

Creative director

Rhino design agency, Riga, Latvia


“This insightful book is a practical guide to breaking out of the typical corporate/institutional frame of mind that limits the thinking of so many of today’s executives. Some business people prefer to swim in a sea of sameness but this book helps you to create and surf the waves of success.”

Jonas Bergvall,

Managing Partner

Coco’s Brand Concept, Strängnäs, Sweden


“They say history is a bad motorist because it hardly ever signals when it’s taking a turn. Watch out! Dan’s new book will make marketing history turn a new page. What will emerge is an immense opportunity for businesses around the world to continuously create unfair advantages and keep making their competition irrelevant. I strongly recommend this book. It is a must-read for executives and for business and management students. “

Gaurav Bahirvani, Brand Futurist

Founder & Principal,

BRANDTEGIST, Mumbai, India


“With expertise and authority, Dan Herman finally did away with the rigid military sense of ‘competitive strategy’ to show us how it takes presence and effect in the psyche of customers. Like an optometrist providing you with the right lenses for your eyeglasses enabling you to see immediately a lucid image so does Dr. Herman make you see anew today’s markets and consumers in a way which all of a sudden make perfect sense. Single-handedly, he created a new vocabulary for marketing and branding that represents new horizons of thinking and acting.

It is a wonderful and brilliant book that reads like an adventure novel.”

Edvin Jurin

Special Projects – Executive Director

McCann Erickson Croatia, Zagreb, Croatia

Director,  FESTO (Croatian Advertising Festival) www.mccann.hr/eng/emce.htm   

“There can be no doubt that Dan Herman’s work is the acme of contemporary marketing thinking. In fact he heralds a new marketing paradigm opening up exciting opportunities for business growth. Dan Herman shows how the human being inside ‘the consumer’ and the strategies of companies and brands interact, and goes on from these penetrating insights to develop a freshly new, relevant and comprehensive methodology for business success.”

Vassily V. Zhukov

Management consultant and managing partner 

Cashing Future Group CIS, Moscow, Russia

“Dan’s book can best be described as a melting pot of new marketing thinking that bubbles over with new concepts which no doubt will disrupt conventional and conservative marketers. The book is filled with thought-provoking ideas which are validated by Dan’s real-world experiences and examples cited throughout the book. Not for the faint-hearted, but a must-read for those who are genuinely interested in the future of their brands and their organizations.”

Dr. Billy Coop

Marketing strategist

Interlink Marketing, Cape Town, South Africa

“Arguing you can’t be alone when you’re a clone, Dan Herman, the master of marketing hits, slams into the replicated thinking of the smug MBA brigade with the force of a freight train hitting a setting bowl of jelly. The result is a field guide for a marketing-competitive behavior that is rule-shattering, convention-breaking, and routine-shaking. The book is thoroughly researched, well constructed and as always from Dr. Herman, carefully thought through.”

Mark Di Somma,


The Audacity Group, Wellington, New Zealand


“Dr. Herman’s book is highly interesting, innovative and very practical for marketers both in my country, Russia, and all over the world. Since competitive advantage is such an important issue for marketers, they are bound to welcome the new approach and many methods and tools that this book features.”

Tatiana Beregovskaya

Senior Lecturer on marketing

State University of Management, Moscow Russia


“Dan Herman reveals himself as an acute observer of the new market rules and of companies which have been capable of taking advantage of their strategies. He is also a terrific innovator of concepts and methods. Hypnosis, drama techniques, marketing hits, opportunity scan method, the fear of missing out, an unfair advantage…did you ever consider any of these tools for strategizing and building a brand? Well, you should now.”

Irene Gil

Managing partner

Dobble Branding Consultants, Madrid, Spain


“Your company will never be the same if you just read this book. It’s not about foul play. It’s about fair play by other rules that will get you an unfair advantage. I guess everyone loves winning. If you do as well, read this book and you will win more often.”

Valentin Pertsiya

General manager and co-owner

BrandAid, Kiev, Ukraine & Moscow, Russia


“Dan has done things marvelously well – and I think his methodology does indeed outsmart the MBA clones. It’s one of the few books I can recommend this year.”

Jack Yan,

CEO of Jack Yan & Associates

Head office: Wellington, New Zealand


“Outsmart the MBA Clones by Dan Herman should definitely be considered as a textbook for business programs. This book uses real-life recent examples of companies, products, and services we know, explains how their creative innovations worked, and how some were imitated. Many companies and their products provide examples throughout this book. “

K. Johnson,  USA/Asia, on Amazon.com

“For what it seeks to do, this is a five-star book. This is a well-written book, ably illustrated, that is easy to read and appreciate. Although I am a long-term strategist and focused on saving the Earth for my three boys and future generations, there is no question but that this book is the gold standard in short-term branding and market exploitation for short-term profit. It was worth my while.”

Robert D. Steele, Oakton, VA USA, on Amazon.com

“If you are a seasoned marketer, this book is different from another you have read. Herman’s fresh thinking about competitive advantage, marketing, customer segmentation, differentiation and branding will challenge your thinking. It is worth every penny of its cover price.”

Craig L. Howe, Darien, CT USA,on Amazon.com

“The REAL reason Dan Herman wrote this book is to give you, MBA or no MBA, a leg up on the competition in working business strategy, marketing or branding a product.  I loved this book – it’s readable, has good illustrations and is a fine text for any business student, marketing manager or business leader. It’s very easy to read but chock-full of thought-provoking and sometimes uncomfortable ideas. “

Joanna Daneman, Middletown, DE USA , on Amazon.com

“Herman tells you how to differ from your competitor and do it in a manner that your competitor can’t or won’t imitate. Amazing stuff! This is a revolutionary book with such valuable ideas and information that it really will give you the unfair advantage. I know it has given me the unfair advantage. I put it right to work. This is a one-of-a-kind book and I highly recommend it. “

Susanna Hutcheson, Midwest USA, on Amazon.com                                                           

“What Herman does is help those interested in turning the toolkit you were given into a weapons system. And I think that is very worthwhile.”

Craig Matteson, Ann Arbor, MI USA, on Amazon.com

“I was very pleasantly surprised by Dr. Herman’s book. I found it smart and quite readable. There is a nice assortment of exercises, ideas and examples that flow together well. I found it useful to gain insight into the success of my own company’s brand. Best of all, I found that it earned its 253 pages. There was very little puffery, if any. I would recommend it to others who are looking to build or develop their business. Well done. The best business book that I have read in a while.”

C. Gilbert, Amsterdam, The Netherlands , on Amazon.com