From iPod to “The Secret”, from Crocs to candidate Obama – some new products, services, entertainment locales, shopping malls or specialty stores, events, festivals or concerts, real estate development projects, styles, personalities and other ‘marketables’ are immediately adopted by their target population.

 Can innovations be designated methodically and adeptly to achieve rapid market penetration, with predictable results? Our answer is a definitive “YES!”

 The THINK SHORT network is a global alliance of expert consultancies, offering marketers innovative services, and enabling them to repeatedly create and launch products and other marketables that are planned for rapid market penetration.

 The THINK SHORT consulting network implements a proprietary and groundbreaking NPD (New Product Development) process as well as marketing and branding methods which are specifically designed to complement the innovation revolution and to greatly improve the probability of innovations’ market success. The methodology was created by Dr. Dan Herman, author of the forthcoming book THINK SHORT: Creating and Launching Innovations That Fly. All network consultancies work under Dr. Herman’s license and in close collaboration with him personally and with his team.

 The THINK SHORT network is unique in the consulting world in its approach and promise to clients.


Why use our services?

 The THINK SHORT methodology provides specialized tools for creating, launching and managing diverse innovative ‘marketables’, designated to penetrate the market rapidly and become sweeping successes in terms of sales, revenues and profits. These Short-Term Brands are planned to gain fast momentum, inspire enthusiasm among their target audiences, and lead to high demand, active participation and/or support, according to their respective nature.

 Normally a Short Term Brand success is far greater yet relatively short-lived in comparison to traditional long-term brands. When properly managed, Short-Term Brands are extremely profitable. A succession of short-term brands can result over time in a significantly higher average market share and market price than a long-term brand would achieve in the same market.

 The THINK SHORT methodology includes innovative concepts, models and tools for devising competitive strategy moves, developing new concepts and products, marketing and branding.

 Our services cover all 7 challenges of achieving speedy market success:

 Pinpointing the most suitable timing for launching

  1. Spotting or expertly creating opportunities
  2. Diagnosing consumers’ potential desires
  3. Developing a product or any other marketable, that is “just-on-desire”
  4. Creating a powerful brand for an immediate feel-appeal
  5. Creating a buzz worthy marketing, promotion and communication plan
  6. Monitoring and managing the lifecycle.

 THINK SHORT specializes in such marketables as:


Dr. Dan Herman – THINK SHORT Network’s Leader 

Dan Herman - Small

Dan Herman, PhD, leader of the THINK SHORT consulting network, is an inventor of new ways for companies and individual businesspersons to succeed, thrive and profit. He is a businessman, an entrepreneur and a globally renowned expert in competitive strategy, marketing innovation and branding. He has extensive business and managerial experience.

Dr. Herman is also the CEO of Competitive Advantages (www.advantagizers.com) a highly trained and specialized task force operating globally to help companies develop a unique attractiveness to their markets, and the president of Davos Academy, the first senior-level business studies institute to train professional businesspersons (not managers).

Dr. Herman is a keynote speaker and a trainer of his original methods (www.danherman.com). He is frequently interviewed in the media worldwide, wherever he is active.

 Dr. Dan Herman has written numerous articles and academic textbook chapters. He has published three books to date, that have been translated into a number of languages. His recent book Outsmart the MBA Clones: The Alternative Guide to Competitive Strategy, Marketing and Branding  was published in the USA by Paramount Books (www.outsmart-mba-clones.com). The book is available for purchase on Amazon.com.