The THINK SHORT methodology is the result of over 12 years of research projects, studies and development efforts, conducted by Dr. Dan Herman and his associates. It is also based on in-depths analyses of tens of rapid market success cases in various categories, as well as influenced by recent developments in the knowledge of psychology, consumer research methods, innovation, new-product diffusion and the adoption of innovation, marketing and branding. All of these have lead to an innovative methodology, which has only recently reached its ripeness and full span of applicability.


Dr. Herman and his experienced consulting teams applied the methods of THINK SHORT (as well as his other original methods) in the service of worldwide clients ranging from local mid-sized companies to “Fortune Global 500″ corporations. Among the many organizations and brands Dr. Herman has worked with are Coca-Cola, IBM, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Unilever, Motorola, Holiday Inn, Apple computers, Suzuki, Chrysler, Warner Brothers, H. Stern, Starkist Tuna and The Olympic Organization, to name but a few. The list also includes leading national brands throughout the world in various fields such as banking and financial services, telecommunications, health services, food and beverages, toiletries and cosmetics, fashion, automotive supplies, public transportation, hotels, tourist destinations, retail chains, internet casinos, national lotteries, non-profit organizations, government agencies and political parties.


Recent case studies:




Comverse is the world’s leading provider of software and systems enabling value-added services for voice, messaging, mobile Internet and mobile advertising; converged billing and active customer management; and IP communications – for mobile network operators. Comverse’s extensive customer base spans more than 130 countries and covers over 500 communication service providers serving more than two billion subscribers.


Dr. Herman and his team worked together with Comverse experts to develop an application that doesn’t require any new technological development, which could become a rapid market success in the fast changing world of mobile communication. Using THINK SHORT’s ForeSearch method, Comverse’s research detected early signs of disappointment among users of popular social network websites. The nature of social interaction delivered by the social network websites was found to be too fenceless and impersonal (as most of “friends” were not really that) to allow any emotional significance. Spotting the opportunity presented by users’ unaware longing for a more intimate and genuine interaction, the team created a new network concept and system called Private Circles. The new concept, combining internet and mobile phone features, enables its members to define, manage and interact with closed social and professional circles, using a variety of fascinating interaction options. While not yet in the market, the new product received lauding feedback at Comverse’s latest global client convention in Portugal.




LingoLaugh is a new, highly successful method for teaching foreign languages used by a chain of language schools located in Central Europe. One of the major challenges the company was facing was the need to create a unique attractiveness to its market that was being lured by global giants in the category. The Opportunity Scan performed by the THINK SHORT team, and particularly the use of the ForeSearch research method, lead to fascinating insights concerning the role of humor in the target audience’s world and in their approach to other cultures, especially in times of crisis. Seizing this opportunity, LingoLaugh, together with Dr. Herman and his team, designed a new language instruction program teaching foreign languages through humor – using comic plays and films, humoresques, jokes, sketches and such. Not only is this an innovative, fun, interesting and refreshing way to study foreign languages and cultures, it is also a great new service and brand tapping into a current target audience’s desire that gave LingoLaugh its marketing advantage.




U is an Eastern European retail chain selling vehicle parts, maintenance items, gadgets and other products for cars as well as providing services ranging from repairs to car purchase funding and insurance. The company also sells certified pre-owned cars. As part of shaping U ’s business model, brand and marketing strategy, Dr. Herman and his team looked  for an innovative marketing move that would make U  the next big thing. Profiling their target audience, the team realized that buyers of international car brands at the time were normally mid-level managers, entrepreneurs, business owners and free professionals who felt that the wealth they saw around them somehow evaded them. The team created a customer club that offered U clients success skills teaching and developing services. The club provided clients, both online (in a password protected website) and offline, a wealth of information and many activities such as private meetings with self made millionaires who made it to the top, skill building workshops and career and financial guidance. A tagline “Drive Your Own Luck” was created to appeal to consumers’ need and desire to feel that they are self-making their way to success, and it is this brand that paved U ’s way to success.